Marshall Headphones Comparison

The Ultimate Review of Marshall Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall Major as a brand is known really well for their speakers, in fact, we have several Marshall speaker reviews on our website, focusing in-depth on the features, functionality, and the overall quality of the Marshall speaker to give you a better idea if it’s the right speaker for you.

In this post, it’s going to be a little different as we’re focusing on another area that Marshall focuses on, creating headphones. Although Marshall isn’t as well known for their headphones as well as they are known for their home speakers, they are still making a dent in the headphone industry and starting to compare to other popular models like Bose and Sony headphones.

In this post, we’re going to dive deep down into a collection of Marshall headphones, exploring a variety of wireless Bluetooth headphones from the Marshall brand. We will look at a variety of different styles of headphones including Bluetooth headphones over ear, along with Bluetooth headphones noise cancelling as well to give you a full, comprehensive look at the best Marshall headphones.

We hope that this post gives you a better idea of Marshall headphones with this complete guide to Marshall headphones and an overall better understanding of their selection when it comes to wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Marshall Major III

Marshall Major headphones
Compact DesignSingle Control Button
Easy to FoldHighs can be too strong
Extremely Comfortable
Powerful Sound Quality

When it comes to Bluetooth headphones over ear and specifically Marshall headphones, the Marshall Major III always seems to come up in conversation. We have a full in-depth post all about these wireless Bluetooth headphones by Marshall. When it comes to the Marshall Major III headphones, there’s a lot of pros and some cons that we discussed in our full comprehensive review.

The sound quality that emerges from the Marshall Major III has definitely improved from the previous successors. We noticed that the bass is quite deep and pleasant to listen to and the treble is enjoyable as well. When you’re listening to higher frequencies though, it can actually be a little aggressive, which can be unpleasant. For the mids, they’re overall pretty well-balanced and enjoyable. There are some small inconsistencies but that’s normal when it comes to headphones and headsets these days. These inconsistencies are nothing crazy or extremely off-putting in any way, however.

When it comes to the Marshall Major’s Bluetooth Hands-Free kit, it’s not the best on the market. When it comes to wireless headphones and headsets, hands-free technology, although a newer addition, is something that a lot of people are expecting and if you’re struggling in this department, can steer a lot of people away. Although the Marshall headphones over ear don’t excel in this department, the hands-free technology is definitely acceptable.

When it comes to the build quality and the design of the Marshall Major III, it’s pretty decent. They combined vinyl and plastic with a whole lot of padding to create comfortable headphones over ear. We love that that design features vintage and modern inspiration at the same time and is definitely something that will appeal to a wide variety of people.

Lastly, in terms of features and controls, one of the most important aspects of wireless Bluetooth headphones, the Marshall Major III has kept it pretty simple, but extremely functional. That seems to be a common trend when it comes to Marshall Major as a brand in a whole. Simple – yet functional. Everything you need and nothing you don’t need. Keeping the interface and design really simple and compact.

When it comes to features the Marshall Major 3 headphones are kept pretty simple. There is one multi-function button that is responsive but also holds a lot of responsibility with being the main control to turn it on and off, accept or reject a call, or trigger voice assistant. The button does make the design of the headphones a lot nicer and simpler, but it can take a while to get ahold of the features and how it works because of the single button.

Overall, the Marshall Major III gets a fairly solid rating when it comes to Marshall headphones on the market today. Marshall has made a variety of music products that are some of the best selling products, especially on Amazon. We have definitely noticed throughout our review and trial with the Marshall Major 3, that there have been major improvements in terms of design and functionality and Marshall is seriously taking what their customers have to say into consideration when designing their newest headphones.

The headphones are a pretty great set with having crystal clear sound quality, with a few inconsistencies here and there which we’ve discussed above. What really makes the headset stand out from other Marshall headphones Bluetooth and other headphones and headsets on the market today is the ability for the headphones to travel so nicely. Although it’s not the strongest build out there, the fact that you can simply collapse the headphones and they can fit extremely easily in your work bag, backpack, or even purse is definitely a really good selling point and something that Marshall has definitely fixated on when marketing these headphones.

That being said, without the noise reduction capabilities, listening to music in these headphones on your busy work commute may not be the best idea as you don’t want everyone on the train to be able to hear your music or audiobook that you’re listening to.

So with all that being said, are the Marshall Major 3 headphones for you? That definitely depends on where and what you’re going to listen to with these headphones and what kind of features and functions you are after. If you’re looking for something similar, easy to use, and perfect for when you’re working at home, then yes, the Marshall Major 3 headphones may be a great option for you. If you’re looking for something that you want to wear working out or on your daily commute on public transportation, then probably not! But ultimately, the choice is up to you and what you think is best for you.

To learn more about the Marshall Major III, click here. 

Marshall Mid

Marshall Miid
Sound Rendering ControlledDoesn’t Include Carrying Bag
Light DesignNot Accurate When It Comes to Mids
33 Hours of Battery Life
Extremely Comfortable
Easy to Transport

The Marshall Mid is a Marshall headphone that a lot of people tend to compare to the Marshall Major 3. In fact, we did a brief comparison on our full in-depth Marshall Major III review post which you can check out here. What makes the Marshall Mid really stand apart from the Marshall headphone pack is the incredible 33 hours of battery life, something that definitely comes in handy whether you’re using the headphones during your work commute or a long day of traveling.

There are a lot of other promises that the Marshall Mid headphones claim such as increased sound quality and comfort as well – all-important things when it comes to Bluetooth headphones over ear. The last thing you want is uncomfortable headphones over your ears for hours on end. This is one of the most common complaints when it comes to Bluetooth headphones over the ear – your ears overheating and becoming uncomfortable with pressure after long wear.

To start off our Marshall Mid review, we should bring attention to the supra-aura earcups that sit right on your ears. Since these are Bluetooth headphones over ear, it’s important for the ear cups to be comfortable and with the supra-aura, they definitely are. The model is very similar to the other Marshall headphones on the market with some slight changes. You will notice the presence of black aluminum at the level of the hoop and leather for the rest of the helmet. The brand has continued with the consistency of having a similar design through all the Marshall headphones and the Marshall Mid is not an exception to the rule.

The headphones are designed to be adjusted through the notched system which can be easily placed on your head. We did find it difficult to move to actually transport the headset around, however, due to it not having a carrying care or something to move it in. This is an easy fix as a lot of tech stores offer headphone carrying cases, but it is a bit annoying that the headphones don’t come with a carrying pouch itself.

What really makes this headset stand out is the fact that with just 2.5 hours the headset is completely fully charged and has 33 hours of listening power. This is definitely more than a lot of competitors on the market today.

There’s also a lot of little perks with the headphones as well such as the isolation system which is really effective and easily cuts out any external noises within seconds. It does not have an active noise reduction system but we still think it does a pretty decent job blocking out the extra unwanted noise and definitely makes the listening experience a little bit nicer.

Marshall Mid ANC

Marshall Mid ANC
The Design of the HeadsetA little bit of confusion Midrange
Very ComfortableNo Battery Level Indicator
Travel Bag
Active Noise Reduction System
Very Simple to Use

If you’re in the market for Bluetooth headphones noise cancelling and looking specifically at Marshall headphones, the Marshall Mid ANC is one of the best options that the brand has. Since the company doesn’t have an abundance of headphone options like Bose, you do have fairly slim pickings when it comes to specific features and functions of headphones. With being a new Marshall headset, it has a lot of updated features and functions that some of the older models are lacking.

We always think that it’s great when brands really take into consideration what their audience is saying and their feedback and adopting those changes in their updated products. Marshall definitely did that with the Marshall Mid ANC.

What makes this Marshall headset so special is the high-performance active noise reduction system that we don’t see with the other two Marshall headphones mentioned earlier. Not only is this headset avoid any unnecessary noises from the outside world, but the headphones are also really securely isolated which makes for even more autonomy, but also extra plush comfort.

Similar to the other Marshall headphone options, they have an elegant, modern, and almost slight vintage appearance to them. As mentioned, they have ample padding for long-lasting comfort after wearing them for hours on end.

In terms of functionality, Marshall tends to keep it safe and simple and this headset is another example of that being the case. This Bluetooth headphones noise cancelling has a great 32 hours of battery life without the noise cancelling properties, but with the ANC function on, it can function for an incredible 24 hours.

In terms of the sound quality, the Mid ANC performance is a little bit more balanced than the regular standard Marshall Mid because of the fact that all the ranges are easily identifiable. There is a little bit of distortion when it comes tot he mids, but overall it’s not terrible and nothing to avoid looking at purchasing the headphones for.

Overall, the Marshall Mid ANC is a great option, especially if you’re in the market for Bluetooth headphones noise cancelling.  

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to Marshall headphones, they are slowly making their way up the headphone ladder. They haven’t reached the success that other brands like Bose, Sony, or Beats have, but they’re certainly making process and climbing consistently. Marshall has a lot of experience when it comes to creating high-quality, top-rated speakers, many of which we’ve reviewed on this website previously. Their speakers are truly at the top and their headphones are close behind.

We hope this post gave you more insight when it comes to Marshall headphones and finding the right option for you and your needs.