A Complete Review and Comparison: Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Bose headphones are some of the most popular headphones on the market today. Especially when it comes to Bose noise canceling headphones, they’re the ideal headphone to let you discount from the environment and immerse yourself in your music, podcast, or whatever you want to listen to, anytime, anywhere. 

Noise canceling headphones are getting more and more popular. As technology improves, noise canceling technology does as well. This means regardless if you’re in the busiest of areas, you can still hear your music crystal clear – and without disturbing anyone else.  

Bose earbuds noise canceling and Bose noise canceling headphones allow you to almost create a little cocoon around yourself with your music, transporting you pretty much anywhere. 

Since there are so many Bose noise canceling earbuds wireless and Bose noise canceling headphones on the market, we’re going to go through the top-rated ones in this post so you can see what we like, what we don’t like about each one and hopefully narrow down your search if you’re looking for new Bose headphones. 

700: Bose Design and Intelligent Noise Canceling Headphones

Great Noise ReductionRequires Bose Music App to Control Various Functions
Smart ButtonsCannot adjust the equalizer 
Touch Control
Great Design
Outstanding Voice Clarity 
Great quality for calls and voice assistant
Connects to multiple devices 

The Bose 700 is known specifically for its noise canceling properties and it’s a unique design. It also features Google Assistant integration in the headphones which is like your own personal assistant without lifting a finger. 

The packaging of these headphones includes a Bose carrying bag with a new design that is sleek and unobtrusive. Inside the bar, various accessories are included like a USB Type-C cable which is used for charging, as well as a connection cord. 

The headset isn’t really that heavy so moving it around in the case hardly goes noticed. The USB is used to charge the headset via its internal battery, which is great and allows you to listen to music anytime and anywhere. 

There are some handy features of the headset too including making a call, pause, or playing a track just by gently double tapping on the Bose noise canceling headphones. You can also skip tracks and contact Google Assistant as well. Since this headset is noise canceling, you can actually adjust the external noise reduction amount on the headset as well. 

One of the main draws to this headset is the fact that it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and Siri. All major voice platforms you can use with this headset. Bose also has a mobile app that is available for Android and Apple and allows you to adjust more settings. We do find that there are some flaws with the app and it’s practically mandatory to have the app to use the headphones, but if that’s something that you don’t mind, it’s not a big deal at all. 

When it comes to sound quality, we realized that there was no saturation even when the volume was as high as it could go. The bass and mids come out very well without the sound that emerges and it overall has a nice, fully balanced sound when listening. 

On the other hand, the treble level has known to be an issue for Boise noise canceling headphones and definitely a topic of discussion. This Bose 700 has a slightly better treble and better levels but still isn’t the best on the market for sure. 

In terms of design, we notice that with the new design of these headphones, the ear cups allow for the eardrums to be slightly closer. This allows you to detect all the sounds without any issues of overheating with the soft padding over your ears. 

To learn more about the Bose 700 headphones, click here. 

QuietComfort 35 II: NFC and Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

Excellent Noise Reduction No instant mute
Fast Charging
Great voice clarity 
Comfortable Design
Balanced Sound 

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II is the upgraded version of the QC35 that was previously released by Bose. As the name suggests, these headphones are designed to block out any external noise and be comfortable for hours on end. 

In terms of design, the QC35 II Bose noise cancelling headphones are not much different from the previous model. There are some additional features like the addition of Google Assistant with these headphones which adds practically a virtual assistant wherever you are. 

Instead of touch, Bose opted for multifunction buttons on this headset that allows you to manage all your desired functions like volume, power, new song, etc. They went for simplicity but also comfortable with this model with ear cups that are extremely padded. These ear cups feel very soft but stable and successfully inhibit any outside noise from getting in. 

In terms of sound quality, the clarity of the voices that came through these headphones, even in the noisest locations was pretty outstanding. You are able to choose the level of noise reduction which is nice and definitely, in terms of noise canceling, it’s some of the best. 

To learn more about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones, click here. 

Wireless On-Ear Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Great Sound QualityAverage Sound Insulation
Noise Reduction SystemNot as comfortable
15 Hours of Listen Time
Dual Microphone

If you’re looking for something fairly simple when it comes to Bose noise canceling headphones, these WIreless Supra Aural Bluetooth headphones are a great option. 

Although these headphones are a simple design, they’re still pretty exceptional – like most Bose headphones. The sound with these Supra Aural Bluetooth headphones is pretty optimal with the active equalization and the deep bass with a good level of treble. 

Since these headphones are wireless, you don’t have to deal with a cable everywhere. You can listen to music wherever, whenever, provided that the battery is full. That being said, with 15 hours of battery life, you will definitely have more than enough listening time with these headphones. 

The noise cancelling properties are great and also have a double microphone so while you’re listening to music, you don’t have to stress about missing any calls and the voices come through crystal clear. 

As the name suggests, Supra Aural is extremely comfortable with the ear cushions that sit on the cartilages of your ears. To avoid pain, the brand has provided soft pads. We didn’t notice any pain after wearing them for a few hours but definitely noticed that they weren’t as comfortable as other Bose noise canceling earbuds wireless or other helmet style headphones on the market today. It is a very lightweight headset so unless you’re sensitive to headphones, you should really notice any discomfort with these Supra Aural Bluetooth headphones. 

The design and function of the headphones are extremely resistant and made with durable materials so you don’t have to worry about them being easily damaged which is great, especially because they’re so practical and easily transportable. 

To learn more about the Bose 700 headphones, click here.