JBL Tune 500BT: Everything There is to Know

Throughout the years, JBL has become more and more popular with regards to the headphone market. JBL has been making headphones for years for both the everyday listener and also musical professionals. With their experience creating products for the best of the industry, as you would expect, their level of quality is above a lot on the market today. 

There’s a lot of JBL headphones on the market today and specifically JBL headphones over ear and JBL headphones wireless Bluetooth. Today, however, we’re going to specifically take a look at the JBL Tune 500BT headphones.  

We will look at the JBL Tune 500bt review in-depth focusing on the features, design, and functionality of the headphones to give you a complete guide so you know if these JBL headphones are right for you. 

Pros and Cons 

When it comes to doing a complete JBL Tune 500bt review, we think it’s important to start off with the pros and cons before jumping right into the review. 

Very LightweightCan’t Use It When Charging
Two Devices Connect At Same TimeNo Noise Cancelling Properties 
Flexible and Easy to Fold
Wireless Capabilities
Quick Charging 

Review in More Detail 

We tried out the JBL 500BT headphones in different settings and situations to truly test out if it holds up to the headphone test. Here are our findings below…

Sound Quality 

We found that with these JBL headphones that the overall sound is pretty remarkable. With the JBL Pure Bass sound, the sound quality is some of the best when it comes to headphones. The Tune 500BT features a high output power which allows you to have intensive listening even on low volume. This means that you can get high-quality sound without having to worry about damaging your eardrums when listening. 

We noticed that the bass, midrange, and treble all are fairly balanced throughout the audio regardless of if you’re listening to Hip-hop or Jazz the sound quality is just as spectacular. 

We also notice the quality during calls was pretty great as well and had no disturbance, which is great, but sometimes rare with headphones. 

Noise Cancelling 

One thing that is a major oversight when it comes to the JBL Tune 500BT headphones is the fact that it does not have any external noise reduction properties and therefore you can’t truly feel isolated with your headphones as you could with other brand competitors on the market today. 

That being said, the ear cushion is quite plush which makes the noise cancel out a little bit, but if you’re looking for headphones specifically with noise-canceling properties, these are not those headphones. 

The Build 

This JBL headphones wireless Bluetooth highlights a variety of different features to ensure that when you’re wearing your headphones, you’re comfortable. This makes wearing these JBL headphones perfect for long trips or for longer periods of time. 

The thing about the JBL 500BT headphones is that they’re extremely lightweight. More lightweight than practically any other JBL headphones on the market today. Even though they are very lightweight, they are still incredibly solid and durable. The ear cups are made of plastic, but the rest of the helmet is made from plastic and metal to ensure it’s durable but also flexible when it comes to collapsing it and storing it. 


When studying different JBL headphones over ear, they all have a similar design. That’s because JBL has nearly perfected the JBL headphones over ear design. The JBL Tune 500BT is no different and features the standard JBL headphone design. 

If you’re looking for something that is understated, yet elegant, JBL is right up your alley. They are great looking headphones, yet very simple at the same time. 


When searching for JBL headphones in Amazon, there’s a lot of specific features that are more popular than others. JBL has taken those into consideration when designing these JBL Tune 500 BT headphones to ensure that everyone searching for their headphones whether it be JBL headphones in Amazon or at your local technology store, that you’re satisfied with their headphones. 

There’s a handy headset remote control which makes hanging the audio and answering calls from the headset incredibly easy. Since the headphones are wireless, this means that you don’t need to be that close to your phone when you get a call and with just the press of a button, you’re able to answer and hang up a call, no problem. 

You can also pair a couple of devices at the same time which makes it great to be watching something on your tablet and then being able to answer a phone call on your phone without removing your headphones. 

A con that we have found is the lack of audio input from the headphones which doesn’t let you use it in wired mode. You have to wait for your headphones to charge for at least five minutes before you can eventually use your headphones.


In terms of comfort, these JBL headphones over ear are pretty great. They have padding on the ear hoops which can comfortably sit on your ears for hours on end. The weight of the headphones is also an important factor to take into account when purchasing headphones and these headphones are a comfortable weight where they’re durable but not straining your neck when wearing them and these JBL Tune 500BT headphones are extremely lightweight. 

Even though you can’t use the headphones when it’s charging, it only takes about 5 minutes of charging time to get an hour’s worth of listening time. 

Lastly, we love that the headphones easily collapse so that you can transport them easily without breaking them. 

Comparing to Other JBL Headphones 

There are a lot of JBL headphones on the market today. After doing a lot of extensive research and trying out a range of headphones ourselves, we have been able to compare and contrast different JBL headphones. 

Specifically, we sought after the top-rated JBL headphones in Amazon to see what headphones people are debating about when it comes to JBL headphones wireless Bluetooth. One of the most popular headphones from JBL is the JBL T460BT which is exactly what we’ll compare the JBL 500BT to today. 

You may be surprised to know that there is hardly much of a difference between the two headphones, especially when it comes to design. Both models also feature the same controls for Bluetooth connecting, answering calls, adjusting the volume, and changing between songs. 

The sound quality of the JBL T460BT offers better sound insulation in an environment with some passive noise. Although it’s not the best noise-canceling headphones on the market today, it does a little bit of a better job than the JBL Tune 500BT which doesn’t have a noise-canceling system in place at all. 

Another way the two headphones differ is the Bluetooth version. The JBL Tune 500BT features Bluetooth 4.1 which allows for a larger Bluetooth range compared to the other JBL headphones. 

Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for a solid option when it comes to a high-quality Bluetooth headset, the Tune 500BT is right up your alley. When searching for JBL headphones noise canceling, as you could see from our JBL Tune 500BT review, the 500BT headphones may not be your best bet, but if you’re looking for something that is comfortable, long-lasting, and plays audio powerfully, the JBL 500BT is a great option. 

JBL has done it again with a robust design that’s stylish and practical with a range of different color options and overall provides excellent sound quality. We think that it’s a perfect match for everyday listeners and definitely something we would worth considering if you’re in the market for a new set of headphones. 

We hope this JBL Tune 500BT review helped you with narrowing down your selection when it comes to JBL headphones. 

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