JBL E45BT Full Review: Are These Headphones Worth It?

Throughout the years, JBL has become more and more popular with regards to the headphone market. JBL has been making headphones for a while now for everyone from the everyday listener and also musical professionals. With their experience creating products for the best of the industry, as you would expect, their level of quality is above a lot of headphones you’d find on the market today. 

There’s a lot of JBL headphones on the market today and specifically JBL headphones over ear and JBL headphones in ear as well. Today, however, we’re going to specifically take a look at the JBL E45BT headphones.  

We will look at the JBL E45BT wireless headphones in-depth focusing on the features, design, and functionality of the headphones to give you a complete guide so you know if these JBL E45BT headphones are right for you.

Pros and Cons 

When it comes to doing a complete review of the JBL E45BTt, we think it’s important to start off with the pros and cons before jumping right into the review. 

Very Flexible Yet SturdyLack of Sound Precision
Hands-Free ControlNot as Comfortable
Great Battery Life
Connect to Multiple Devices
Freedom and Flexibility
Review in More Detail

We tried out the JBL E45BT headphones in different settings and situations to truly test out if it holds up to the headphone test. Here are our findings below…

Sound Quality 

We found that with these JBL headphones that the overall sound is pretty great regardless if you’re looking at JBL headphones in ear or over the ear. Whether you’re listening to the headphones via wire or Bluetooth, you’re going to get pretty sound solid quality. There’s a great bass throughout and the treble and mids are a good mix as well. 

That being said, we did notice a lack in terms of reactivity of the membranes. The distortion is about half a percent across the spectrum, which is something you wouldn’t notice unless you’re an expert. 

The bass doesn’t drown out everything, which makes the sound pretty clear and precise. 

Noise Cancelling 

With the JBL E45BT, there are areas in which the noise reduction properties can be improved but overall it’s pretty decent. We noticed that if you simply increased the volume level, you can definitely retain the sound coming in the headset without disturbing others around you. 

The Build 

These JBL headphones highlight a variety of different features to ensure that when you’re wearing your headphones, you’re comfortable. This makes wearing these JBL headphones perfect for long trips or for longer periods of time. 

The plastic that is used in these headphones is of high-quality and has a minimalistic, yet sophisticated appearance. The headphones also feature some great finishes giving them an elevated appearance as well. 

There’s the presence of a thin metal frame that’s added to the headphones for some extra structure and durability. That being said, we have found other plastics that are higher quality and with the JBL headphones, don’t be surprised if there’s some tarnishing over time. 


When studying different JBL headphones over ear, they all have a similar design. That’s because JBL has nearly perfected the JBL headphones over ear design. That being said, the E45BT does have a more unique design. You have a selection of different colors including black, red, blue, and white which gives a variety of options for those who are looking for a statement headset or others looking for something a little bit more muted. 

It features a ‘mesh’ fabric on the headband and on the ear cushions as well. It’s a lightweight headset so you really shouldn’t notice wearing it for hours on end. The only place that we think was overlooked a little bit was the amount of padding. It could have been padded more which would have made the headset a little bit more comfortable for long use. 


When searching for JBL headphones in Amazon, there’s a lot of specific features that are more popular than others. JBL has taken those into consideration when designing these E45BT wireless headphones to ensure that everyone searching for their headphones whether it be JBL headphones in Amazon or at your local tech store, that you’re completely happy with their headphones. 

JBL has always been a little bit more simple than other headphones on the market today. If you’ve had any other JBL headphones in the past, you will probably be familiar with the controls and features of the E45BT as well. 

For simplicity reasons, JBL has used one button for multiple functions which could take some time getting used to. There are functions for Bluetooth pairing, answering and hanging up incoming calls, and of course, the standard pause, play, skip, and volume up and down buttons as well. 

There’s a built-in microphone that makes receiving and making calls simple and flawless. 


As we mentioned in the design category when it comes to comfort JBL headphones definitely take that into consideration when designing. That being said the JBL E45BT could be a little bit more comfortable in our opinion. 

It is extremely lightweight, which does help to make listening to the headphones comfortable for hours on end, but the padding could be improved in the headphones. 

The battery life is fantastic with about 20 hours of battery life with using it at 75% max volume. Needless to say, you have plenty of time to listen to your favorite music or podcasts without having to worry about recharging it. 

If you’re looking for JBL headphones over ears that are a little bit more discreet, the JBL E45BT is definitely a great option and something you should consider. 

Comparing to Other JBL Headphones 

There are a lot of JBL headphones on the market today including JBL headphones in ear and over-ear. After doing a lot of extensive research and trying out a range of headphones ourselves, we have been able to compare and contrast different JBL headphones. 

Specifically, we sought after the top-rated JBL headphones in Amazon to see what headphones people are debating about when it comes to JBL headphones wireless Bluetooth. One of the most popular JBL headphones in Amazon is the JBL 500BT which is exactly what we’ll compare the E45BT to today. 

You may be surprised to know that there is hardly much of a difference between the two headphones, especially when it comes to design. Both models also feature the same controls for Bluetooth connecting, answering calls, adjusting the volume, and changing between songs. 

The JBL Tune 500BT and the JBL E45BT headphones both don’t really have a noise-canceling system in place at all. The E45BT has more passive noise isolation which does reduce the noise a little bit but not as much as official noise-canceling headphones. 

They both have a similar battery life which is great for long-lasting battery power and in terms of sound, the JBL E45BT is noted as having a music better recording quality with two built-in microphones as opposed to only one. 

Overall Thoughts

The JBL E45BT is one of the most lightweight headphones on the market today. It features a simple design that most JBL headphones have, but made from a solid material that produces great audio. There are some downsides to the JB E45BT headphones which we mentioned above, but nothing that’s major and would deter anyone from really purchasing these headphones, but is definitely something you should take into consideration before purchasing. 

When comparing JBL to larger headphone companies on the market today like Sony and Bose, they’re not really in the same category and therefore you can’t really compare the two to each other, we’ve mentioned this fact in other reviews, but it’s always important to mention when someone is looking at JBL reviews.

The JBL headphones in ear and over-ear are a lot cheaper than the other name brand headphones, but for the price, you do get a pretty great value with the high-quality sound quality, durability, and design features that the E45BT headphones possess. 

We hope this review of the E45BT wireless headphones helped you narrow down your search when it comes to wireless headphones and gave you a lot to think about when finding the right pair of headphones for you. 

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