AKG K702 Complete Headphone Review

AKG has a lot of different AKG headphones wireless available for sale. There’s the AKG K701 helmet style and today, we’re going to be talking about the AKG K702, the stylish addition to the AKG headphone wireless collection. 

The AKG K 702 was designed to fix any issues and problems that people may have had with the K701 model including improving certain functions and overall making the headset a little bit more comfortable. 

We’re going to see if the improvements made a big difference with a complete review of the AKG K702 Headphones.

Pros and Cons

Very comfortableNo carrying case
Detail on the SpectrumNot the strongest bass
Pads and cables detachable
Very lightweight
Balanced sound in the front

Review in More Detail 

We tried out the AKG K 702 headphones in different settings and situations to truly test out if it holds up to the headphone test. Here are our findings below…

Sound Quality 

For those who are interested in the tech side of things, knowing how the sound quality, especially when it comes to AKG headphones wireless is definitely an important factor to take into consideration. 

This headset features a flat wire voice coil which is designed to keep the distortion levels pretty low. This means you will get the same exact level of distortion regardless of the volume you’re listening to it. 

We did notice that with some tests, the sound from the headphones sometimes sounded like it was far away in a sense, almost like coming outside of the headphones and quite distant. However, overall the sound emerges quite clear and definitely not aggressive in the slightest. 

We also noticed that the headphone’s special speakers provide a clear, well-balanced, high-end sound which is pleasant to listen to and makes all the difference. At the bass level, it’s very neutral and natural, not very high which could appeal to some but not so much to others. 

Noise Cancelling 

When it comes to these AKG K 702 headphones and their noise reduction properties, there isn’t really any. The headphones are more intended for studio use so the sound is not contained inside the headphones at all. This means if you’re looking for a pair of headphones for your busy commute on the subway, these headphones are not your solution. 

The Build 

Like the previous headphones, the K701, the K702 was designed with solid materials to make it durable and hold up against the test of time. On both headphones, you will find the same two small bars and leather band to solidify the helmet and make it even more durable. The finish of the headphones is done precisely and looks great in our opinion. 

Although there is an abundance of plastic being used, it’s still extremely durable and feels quite firm as well which makes it hard for the headphones to get damaged at all. The AKG K 702 just shows how you can have a stylish, yet durable headset in one. 


When comparing the two headphones, you also won’t notice much has changed in terms of the design of the two. That’s because why fix what’s not broken? The main distinction between the two is in the finishes and the cable of the headphones. The K701 has a glossy white finish, the K702 has a darker, more blue, black kind of finish. 

In terms of the cable, for the AKG headphones wireless, this cable is about ten feet long and completely detachable. This makes movement easier without having to worry about the cable always being attached. 

The ear cups are one of the most important parts of the AKG headphones wireless so it’s important to ensure that they’re comfortable. With the extra soft velour and very wide, padded material, you’re definitely able to listen for hours on end with these headphones. 

AKG K702 Complete Headphone Review


Since these headphones were designed to be used in the studio, you’ll notice some features and controls that wouldn’t be necessary for the everyday listener. These headphones allow you to easily master and mix with precision. They allow you to make excellent records with their fantastic sound pickup quality. 

It’s compatible with just about any musical device including iPhone, iPod, CD, and SACD player. That being said, if you’re looking to watch movies with these headphones, we wouldn’t recommend it. The sound will travel outside your headphones and everyone around you will be able to hear exactly what you’re watching. 


Comfort is one of the key components when it comes to putting together AKG headphones and these AKG k702 headphones are no exception. With the extra padding included and elegant velour finishes, you can definitely listen and watch anything for hours on end without feeling any discomfort at all. 

The helmet band part is adjustable so you can fit into your head shape which adds an extra layer of comfort. We also love that the cables are detachable as well which allows for easy moving around. We would have loved it if it came with a case to transport it around, but in terms of comfort, the AKG K702 is top-notch. 

Comparing to Other AKG Headphones Wireless 

There are a lot of AKG headphones on the market today. After doing a lot of extensive research and trying out a range of headphones ourselves, we have been able to compare and contrast different AKG headphones. 

We figured that the AKG 712 was a good and popular comparison to the AKG K 702 headphones and that it might be something that a lot of people are curious about. Although the two headsets are from the same brand, they are quite different. They do have a few similarities in terms of shape and how they fit around the ears and also not being noise-canceling or isolating. They have the same weight, detachable cable cords, and the sound quality is practically identical as well. 

We noticed nearly identical levels with the same high frequency and same low frequencies along with the sound pressure level as well. We did notice a little bit more clarity when it came to the K702 headphones because of the neodymium magnet that’s featured in those headphones. 

So when debating between these two AKG headphones it really just comes down to the sound and your preference. In our opinion, with the sound being the only major difference, the AKG K 702 definitely wins hands down. 

Overall Thoughts

AKG headphones are designed for professionals in the studio in mind. That being said, doesn’t mean the everyday listener would not enjoy them, with important factors to take into account. The pads of these headphones are extremely comfortable, thick, and basically allow you to forget you’re even wearing headphones, even after hours on end. The weight of the device helps to alleviate any pressure you may feel with other headphones on the market today and can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. 

The sound quality is top-notch with being very clear and precise. We would have liked the bass to be a little stronger but that’s just personal preference. What makes these headphones not great for the everyday listener is the fact that they are not noise-canceling headphones. In fact, they are quite the opposite with protruding whatever you’re listening to outside of the headphones too. This is why they’re great for studio sessions and music professionals, not someone on the daily subway commute. 

The price of these headphones can kind of make people steer clear of them but if you’re in the industry and sound quality is key, then the investment is definitely worth it. That being said, there are a lot of similarly styled headphones on the market today for a lot more money, so the price of the AKG K 702 seems pretty decent for what it is. 

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